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Takpittayakhom School (Thailand)

21 , April , 2013 :    Congratulation! Takphitthayakhom School got the first prize. More than 20 teams participated in the The winner of Little Green Film Award 2013 from Thailand Project, title “The Tree” , In Youth in Action : Little Green Film Award 2013 that supported by The Rajapruek Institute Foundation. The bearer of this certificate is entitled to participate in YOUTH in ACTION: YOUTH FORUM in CHINA, between August 29 - September 5, 2013.

The Name List of Students and teacher of this team.
     1. Mr.Thisanin Pinijkojchakorn
     2. Mr.Tawan Raconjun
     3. Miss.Thanaporn Ungsirisarot (She is a student at Kasetsart University and an alumnus of Takpittayakhom school. )

The Adviser of team is Ms. Saiphan Tubnil.

School Superintendent is Mr. Thawat Thiwongkham.
Authors of Public Relations by Mrs. Orathai Thiwongkham and Mr. Watchara Wongdee.
Website of Takphitthayakhom School, URL. :
Website of Computer Science for Takphitayakhom School, URL. :

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21 , April , 2013 :   

- Suggested activities about in the POSN project camp2 at The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, Faculty of Science, Naresuan University. ( POSN : The Promotion of Academic Olympiad and Development of Science Education Foundation under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana Krom Luang Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra. ) . Recommended URL:
       The selection process for the POSN center of Naresuan University teams in the Computer field for the upcoming national Olympiad in Informatics has begun, with six of students competing in The Ninth Thailand Olympiad in Informatics: 9th TOI 2013 at Thammasat University (Rangsit Campus). The Competition in the computer field at the Department of Computer Science, Thammasat University. (TOI9) on the 7th-10th of May. Click here to download all pictures about the POSN2 in Thailand , URL : posn2-computer-nu-thailand-2555.rar (7 MB.).
       The Name List of The POSN center(camp3), Faculty Science, Naresuan University in Computer field that have been selected to the 9th TOI 2013 at Thammasat University , Academic Olympiad Competition, Thailand.
     1. Mr. Ekkalak Leelasornchai from Kamphaengphetpittayakom School.
     2. Mr. Chaiyapat Julsri from Kamphaengphetpittayakom School.
     3. Mr.Watanyou Damrongbhokabhan from Takphittayakhom school.
     4. Miss.Monpriya Tammavong from Chalermkwansatree school.
     5. Miss.Sitanun Boonruang from Chalermkwansatree school.
     6. Mr.Krittamate Chumkam from Naresuan University Secondary Demonstration school.

- Addition : The six students that multiple fields from Takphitthayakhom School have been selected by the Faculty of Science, Naresuan University that will continue to the compete, 2013 Academic Olympiad Competition, Thailand. You can read the thai language . By clicking here... URL :   or progenitor of The original document to URL :

The Name List of Takphitthayakhom School Students have been selected to 2013 Academic Olympiad Competition, Thailand.
     1. Mr. Watanyou Damrongbhokabhan in Computer field.
     2. Mr. Kanin Jumnongthai in Mathematics field.
     3. Mr. Amonthep Suksun in Astronomy field.
     4. Mr. Phuriphat Singju in Astronomy field.
     5. Miss Siriyakon Krisomdet in Astronomy field.
     6. Master Nattawat Aryikanon in Astronomy field.
Teacher trainer in the field of computer is Mr. Watchara Wongdee.
Teacher trainer in the field of mathematics is Mr. Samorapurm Oonoun.
The POSN center, Faculty Science, Naresuan University.

Website of Takphitthayakhom School, URL. :

29 , October , 2012 :   Congratulation! Takphitthayakhom School got the fourth prize. More than 16 teams participated (Country level of Thailand). in the Speedway solar cells... Powered by solar Photovoltaics energy Contest 2012 Project, that supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand (MOST).
The Name List of Students and teacher of this team.
     1. Miss Phaarun Sanmaung
     2. Miss Nudtanicha kawraor
     3. Miss Sukanya Ngaemngam
The Adviser or coash of team is Mr. Watchara Wongdee.
The Special adviser is Suttipat Sanmaung with a student at the Department of Mechanical Engineering King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi.

School Superintendent is Mr. Thawat Thiwongkham.
Authors of Public Relations by Mrs. Orathai Thiwongkham.
Website of Takphitthayakhom School, URL. :



12 , June , 2012 :  The Web Application Development projects of Takphitthayakhom School. Supported by in the Web Programming
that show the system works as follows.
1. The Team of students in class 6/1. ( Php computer language, Database is MySQL)
- 1.1 The Budget and Project Management System of Planning Department. (Current progress = 40%).
- 1.2 The Online Admission System for high school.(Current progress = 40%).

9 , April , 2012 :    Congratulation! Takphitthayakhom School got the first prize. More than 100 teams participated in the Young Gen Media Short Film (Movie) Contest 2011 Project, title “Child of land” , In the Young Gen Media 2011 that supported by the Secretariat of the Senate . Takpittayakhom team won the 1st prize and got a wonderful chance for excursion in Japan.This coming soon.

The Name List of Students and teacher of this team.
     1. Miss Rachaphon Pangsapa
     2. Mr. Chaiyatat Saipan
     3. Miss Supitchaya Heabnai
     4. Miss Chalida Kawee
     5. Miss Pareenat Krutmo
     6. Master Sirawit Boonkum
     7. Master Thisanin Pinijkojchakorn
The coash of team is Ms. Saiphan Tubnil.
The actor involved is Mrs. Pornpen Sawangchot.

School Superintendent is Mr. Thawat Thiwongkham.
Authors of Public Relations by Mrs. Orathai Thiwongkham and Mr. Watchara Wongdee.
Website of Takphitthayakhom School, URL. :

Reference :

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Reference :


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10 ,November, 2011 : Congratulation!
        “The TPS LEGO ROBOT TEAM” of Takpittayakhom School will be the thai representative to participate in “World Robot Olympiad” (WRO 2011) at The United Arab Emirates, *Abu Dhabi between 17 – 23 November, 2011 Cheers! Have an excellent trip to Abu Dhabi.
        Mr. Narakorn Srisook  (Team member)
        Mr.Payarat Jitmun  (Team member)
        Mr.Naruethan Thoenburin  (Team member)
        Mr. Boontan Sanpet  (Coach)

annotation  :    * Abu Dhabi is the capital and the second largest city of the United Arab Emirates in terms of population and the largest of the seven member emirates of the United Arab Emirates.

         Environmental issues are becoming more serious, such as rivers becoming polluted, air becoming saturated with toxic vapors, increasing amounts of garbage and so on. In addition to the general public will result in the disease due to environmental toxicity. If you look on the global scale you will find that the world is limited in resources. The way these resources are handled results unnecessary loss of production, regardless of the consumption environment. The concept of "clean technologies", or "Clean TechnologyW (CT) (a book based course on career and technology groups. Grade 4-6 Design and Technology, 2554, p. 69)  
         The concept of clean technology to increase productivity of existing resources and reduce the cost of pollution on humans and the environment is to reduce the source of pollution. In order to eliminate garbage and pollution at the source, people must try to reuse and recycled garbage materials or to provide garbage requiring treatment or landfill to a minimum or no garbage reduction. which can be classified according to the following types of garbage.
                  1. Paper bag.
                  2. Plastic.
                  3. Glass materials or products made of glass.
                  4. The latex and leather.
                  5. Metals such as tin, etc..

         Each day, the number or volume of garbage is increasing along with the number of the population. Even in Thailand, they are faced with problems relating to garbage disposal. It is becoming worse day by day all the time and finding a good solution has been hard. If there’s no proper garbage disposal, it may cause problems on some areas such as contamination issues. It may cause air pollution ad global warming.

         Garbage is not beneficial to humans but some types of garbage can generate revenue for many commercial establishments. I know so well that recycling garbage can help. Garbage will not be useless, or left to rot. It also helps to solve environmental problems, or help reduce global warming. Melting the plastic garbage to make a new product is a good way to recycle. Garbage glass bottles can be washed and melted into new glass bottles. Or even the garbaged plants that are perishable can be used to make fertilizers and biological energy as well. Separation of garbage How garbage is primarily used in the separation of garbage types from each other. Which cause harm to human health. Require a lot of people in the separation time.

          In Thailand, there are ways to get rid of garbage. The manpower for each type of garbage is an important issue as this is a health hazard and requires more manpower and money. The government’s solution to this problem is the preparation of garbage bins for each category of garbage.

         Every municipality cannot garbage a day to clean it but some nearby communities are still affected by this garbage disposal issue and their physical and mental health deteriorated. Takpittayakhom School has seen the solution to these problems and that proper solid garbage disposal can reduced manpower and power generating facilities by applying the principles of clean technology from the classroom to create a project to build a trash separating robot. The trash separated by the robot such as plastic bottles, glass and paper from the garbage heap can be used practically to reduce garbage and environmental problems caused by the school. And we then separate the garbage that can be recycled or sold, may be useful to others. That we do not need a lot of people or garbage time on each type of garbage anymore.

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